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Causeway Pilates Marketing Campaign Case Study

Back in 2021, we worked with Causeway Pilates on numerous Pilates marketing campaigns.

The objectives we were provided with were to generate leads and help with the onboarding process.

In this blog post, we will explain how we achieved that.

Pilates Lead Generation

We created Facebook Ads that were designed to capture contact details from those who were interested in Pilates.

We did this by using a hook – which was a one-week free trial of Pilates. In return for providing their contact details, the user was getting something of value in return.

The campaign setup involved A/B testing to determine which marketing materials would work best. We used a combination of both images and videos to determine this.

One campaign focused on the benefits of Pilates while the other focused on the Pilates Tutor and their experience.

We ran this campaign for three weeks and in that time generated 103 warm leads who entered the funnel.

A total of £109.67 was spent – meaning each lead only cost £1.06.

Pilates Marketing Campaign

Pilates Membership Onboarding

The second part of our Pilates Marketing Campaign involved onboarding our leads.

We used an automated email campaign to do this.

Our client is very busy and doesn’t have the time to manually email each member so we simplified that process.

As soon as someone signs up for a free trial their data was automatically sent to MailChimp from Facebook.

Once in MailChimp, they were added to an automated campaign.

This was a series of emails which included the following;

  • Class Details
  • What To Expect
  • Mid-Trial Check In
  • Post-Trial Check In
  • Full Membership Signup Details

Pilates Marketing Campaign Conclusion

This was a successful lead-generation campaign that helped our client gain new members.

The campaign involved using Facebook to generate leads and MailChimp to convert them.

Over 100 leads were generated at a cost of £1.06 per lead.

Lead Generation

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