Core Web Vitals | Helping Fuelwise Achieve A's All Round

Core Web Vitals are one of the most important aspects of ranking high on Google. Learn what Core Web Vitals are and how we helped Fuelwise improve its scores.

Recently we have been working with our longstanding client, Fuelwise, to improve their Core Web Vitals.

If you weren’t aware, Core Web Vitals “shows how your pages perform, based on real world usage data”, according to Google.

Page experience is one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking on Google. It makes sense because Google wants to provide searchers with pages that offer a great experience.

Backlinko, a leading SEO Blog explains that “core web vitals will make up the biggest chunk of your page experience score”.

Below you can see what makes up the Core Web Vitals.

Core Web Vitals

Let’s look at the three areas of importance;

Largest Contentful Paint: how long it takes a page to load from the point of view of an actual user

First Input Delay: the time it takes for a user to actually interact with your page.

Cumulative Layout Style: how stable a page is as it loads

Even with a minimal understanding of SEO, it is easy to understand why these are considered important.

How we helped Fuelwise improve Core Web Vitals

We began by evaluating the Fuelwise website and getting their current scores.

Following this, we then set about to improve their score by working on Off-Page SEO.

This involves improving the structure of their website, how content loads, and getting rid of any code that isn’t required.

It also includes improving loading speeds by minimizing file sizes and using Lazy Load. This is when images don’t load until they are required.

The results were impressive.

We used GTmetrix to test the score of each page. Every page bar one is now rated as A. The highest score available.

Check out all of the page scores below.

Fuelwise Core Web Vitals

Why not try the GTmetrix tool and rate your website pages?

If your scores are not what you wish them to be then complete the form below and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve amazing results just like Fuelwise.