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The Social Hack… Ultimate Guide To Advertising E-Books

Earlier this year we worked with The Social Hack to develop a series of E-Books.

We did a portfolio post about them in which we discussed how we developed the branding and some other graphic work.

Since then, the books have been released and are now available for purchase on Etsy.

Check out the books available thus far;

We have been told that more books are in the works and the plan is to release them soon.

Each book is designed as the ultimate guide to the ads ecosystem in each platform.

The aim of The Social Hack is to provide affordable e-books, guides, and plans to help you master social media and digital marketing.

Priced at £4.15 (ex vat) we can testify that you will receive great value and learn a lot from the E-Books.

We got free access (don’t be jealous 😀) and used The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads to help us with our campaign for Causeway Pilates. If experienced marketers like us can learn something new, then you might too.

Head over to Etsy and check out The Social Hack.