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What is Lead Generation?

What is Lead Generation? Well, we plan to answer that plus a lot more.

This blog post is for lead gen’ers from all levels and everyone will take something away from reading.

Within this blog post we will;

  • define lead generation
  • explain why you need it
  • discuss different types and methods
  • explain the process
  • pinpoint the key data you should collect
  • provide you with 5 actionable steps

What Is Lead Generation?

If you work in a sales-driven environment you probably have heard people talk about leads.

Often people will discuss the quality of leads they receive and now they can generate more.

Well, Salesforce has defined Lead Generation as “the process of gaining the interest of potential customers in order to increase future sales”.

This is a crucial part of the sales process. Without leads, you have no one to sell to. Without anyone to sell to you have no money coming. You know where this story ends without me telling you.

Why You Need Lead Generation

Generating leads is a key part of the sales process.

Equally important are the stages before someone becomes a lead. This is when they discover your business and build their initial thoughts.

Lead Generation falls into the second stage of the inbound marketing methodology.

This is when you have created your audience, attracted a person to your website, and collected their details.

The journey to becoming a customer is much easier to complete when a person has shown an interest in your business.

As you will see below, generating leads is important to developing delighted customers who will then become your promoters.

Lead Generation Process

Full Credit to HubSpot

Types Of Lead Generation

There are loads of different ways that you can generate leads.

In a B2B environment, the most traditional is to drive traffic to a landing page.

You can create a great landing page using Plugins.

If you own a fast food takeaway and hand out leaflets, then that is also considered lead generation. Aren’t those people coming to your business to buy from you?

Modern Marketing Partners provide 25 different types of lead generation.

There were some duplicates, let’s check out the ones that aren’t duplicated;

  1. Inbound Phone Calls
  2. Outbound Phone Calls
  3. Website Contact Information
  4. Registration/Application Form
  5. Gated Content
  6. Website Resource Page
  7. Call-To-Actions
  8. Case Studies
  9. Industry Studies
  10. mail Marketing
  11. Webcasts
  12. Trade Shows
  13. Referrals
  14. Search Engine Optimisation
  15. Live Chat
  16. IP Tracking
  17. Paid Advertising
  18. Social Media

This list isn’t exhaustive but will give you an idea of what you could be doing if you aren’t already.

Lead Generation Process

Now you know what Lead Gen is and the different types your next question is probably how can I do it.

Well, let me tell you the process.

  1. First, you need to attract someone to your website. This can be through paid advertising, organic traffic, SEO, or email. Whatever it takes.
  2. That visitor will then need to click on your CTA which encourages them to take action.
  3. The CTA should take them to a landing page that is designed to collect details.
  4. Once on your landing page, the visitor enters their detail.
  5. Now it’s time to sell!

Check 0ut how we generated leads for a Fuel Card company.

Data You Need

A lead is only as good as the data they provide.

Without quality data, your lead might as well have no value.

I mean, how do you call someone without their phone number?

Let’s look at Fuelwise. They provide fuel cards and collect five pieces of information.

  1. Full Name – vital to personalise your email or call
  2. Business Name – having this enables you to do some initial research before you make contact
  3. Contact Number – depending on your product or service you might not need this. In this case, it is vital to reach the decision-maker.
  4. Email – a unique identifier and another method to make contact.
  5. Litres – perfect for this industry to qualify the lead.

Lead Generation from Fuelwise

What information would your business capture? Comment below and tell us.

5 Actionable Lead Gen Steps

So how do you get started?

The first step is to determine what is a good lead for your business.

Secondly, make sure your assets, marketing materials, landing pages, and sales process are in place.

Once that is done, you’re ready to go.

Here are five actionable steps to get you going courtesy of Marketo who discussed Lead Generation.

Action #1: Define Your Leads – start with the basics and work out what qualifies someone as a good lead for your business. You can use demographics, firmographics. budget, plus more to segment your audience.

Action #2: Align With Sales – you need your sales and marketing team to work together. They must agree on what is a good lead and when the time is right for marketing to pass the lead to sales. This should make the sales process easier and deliver much more business for you.

Action #3: Road Map – determine how you will generate your leads. If you’re stuck on ideas check out the list we covered above.

Action #4: Score Your Leads – Top-of-funnel (TOFU) leads aren’t ready to purchase just yet. So focus on getting those middle-of-funnel (MOFU) leads a step closer. Nurture them and you will make your efforts worth the investment.

Action #5: Measure And Optimise – you should continuously be testing your lead generation efforts. Work out what works best. Is it an image? A video? Does one CTA work better than another? Learn how to A/B test and you will generate more leads.


Within this blog post, we have defined Lead Generation and explained why it is important.

We then moved on to methods you can use to generate more leads, the process, and the data you should collect.

Finally, we covered five actional steps to help with your process.

Before you go we would love to know what is working best for you right now, comment below.

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